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Directions to Side Hustle

All information must be read as we will not be responsible for what you do not read! 


😷 All passengers are required to wear masks from the parking lot to the boarding of the vessel. Guests without face masks will not be allowed onboard. Masks may be removed once the vessel has departed.
All guests will be screened with contactless forehead thermometers. Any passenger with a temperature greater than 100.4 degrees will not be allowed onboard.


Any questions up to the day prior to your scheduled charter: Daily from 8:00 am - 6:00 pm at 310-570-8902.

Any questions day of charter:  Directions-parking-assistance-timing-running late-lost & found-Contact the Captain at 626-607-7993.



Passengers include anyone from a 1-day old infant to an adult of any age, with No exceptions. A passenger is anyone brought onboard accompanying your party regardless of age or involvement, such as caterers, entertainers, photographers, etc. 





🛥Guests have access to all decks visible on the website including the guest bathroom on the main deck level. Guests Do Not have access to below deck rooms not shown on the website.


👠Tennis shoes, soft sole shoes, boat shoes, flip-flops, and sandals are fine for footwear. Please do not wear spike heels, high heels, wedges or hard-soled shoes or boots, as you will be asked to remove them once aboard Side Hustle. 


🎈As we care about our environment, we do not allow balloons of any material brought onboard.


🌿Regardless of State law, Federal Regulation does not allow illegal drugs onboard vessels. Marijuana and any other drug considered illegal by Federal Regulation is not allowed onboard. In the event a passenger is found in possession of, the Captain will return the vessel to the boarding dock for the removal of drugs.


🍔In the event you plan on bringing any food or beverages onboard, all items must be approved by our office at 800-676-4323, as Restrictions do apply.


Read these directions in their entirety as pertinent information is enclosed. 


Address and Directions to Dock 55:

Click on this link to open Google maps: 13715 Fiji Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292




  • From Admiralty or Lincoln, take Fiji Way West towards Fisherman’s Village. ½-mile down Fiji Way from Admiralty, just as the road is about to curve to the left, you will see an entrance into the parking for Fisherman's Village. 

  • There will be an El Torito sign at the entrance as a landmark. 

  • Enter the parking area and you will see the entrance to Dock 55 straight ahead. Park your vehicle in any open spot and proceed to the gangway down to Dock 55 to meet Side Hustle.


Please be prompt as this is a shared dock with time limitations for boarding and deboarding. Side Hustle will be at the dock 5 minutes prior to your scheduled departure.


All charters are scheduled and staffed according to the stated start and stop times, as well as passenger count. Your charter is scheduled based on the number of passengers discussed while creating your booking. If the number of passengers will increase, you must notify Side Hustle no less than 24 hours in advance.

Please understand our dock space is reserved with a 15-minute window of time for boarding. Based on the dock schedule for the day, if your party is more than 15 minutes late, the boat may need to move off the dock for other reserved boats and will return to the dock for your group's boarding ASAP! This can cause a further delay of up to 15-30 minutes of your scheduled charter time. 

We do understand things can delay the prompt arrival of your entire party, and we will always do our best to accommodate the time. All guests need to understand that based on circumstances, we may not be able to extend your charter to compensate for a late start. Guests need to understand as well, that when a stop time is extended, there will be an additional charge of $150.00 for every 15 minutes.


If you need assistance from the parking area down to Side Hustle, please call 626-607-7993 when you are on Fiji Way, and we will send a crew member up to the parking area to help you down to the boat.

If you are using a car service, they may enter thru the gate after taking a ticket, and there will be no charge as long as they exit within 10 minutes of entry. 

If you are parking a vehicle, there is a fee, and 2 hours of your stay will be validated by stopping by one of the many shops in Fisherman’s Village, including the Ice Cream Shop.

Swimming will only be accommodated on charters of a minimum of 4 hours at sea. If you feel you may swim, you will need to bring a towel, and dry clothes to change into. 


Watersports Charters will only be accommodated on charters of a minimum of 5 hours at sea.


This dock is used for loading and unloading passengers only. Do not invite additional guests, vendors or anyone not joining you on your cruise to the dock as they will not be allowed on the dock.


Drones are allowed and can be deployed outside of the harbor heading North and West. Drones are not to be flown inside the harbor or heading south outside of the harbor, due to the proximity to LAX Airport.

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